Bearded Dragon Diet – Juvenile

Bearded Bearded Dragon Diet – Juvenile Diet – Adult

Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food

The WhitePython™ Bearded Dragon diet is an ideal complementary food source to enhance the nutritional intake of your Bearded Dragon. The Bearded Dragon diet consists of an all natural mixture of dried flowers and plants that can be very difficult or costly to come across fresh. This mixture is recommended as a complementary diet only and should be fed in conjunction with live insects and other fresh fruit and vegetables.

Instructions: Feed daily. If your Bearded Dragon refuses to eat, try spraying the mixture with water to moisten. You may need to stop feeding live insects for 2-3 days to ensure they are not tempted away from this healthy new food.

Suitable for Bearded Dragons up to the age of 8 months.

(MPN: WPY004 / Barcode: 5060309450000)

Adult Bearded Dragon Diet is also available, please click here for details.

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