Egg Laying Hide

Egg Laying Hide

Our two part nesting box has been especially designed with your snakes welfare in mind. As long term breeders of colubrids such as Corn snakes, King snakes and Hognose snakes, we recognise the importance of keeping your snake feeling secure whilst simultaneously allowing the keeper to safely view and access the eggs.

The top section is manufactured using a smooth ABS black plastic, ensuring your snake feels safe in a dark environment, whilst the base section is manufactured using a clear plastic so you can view your snake from the front and underneath. The unique design means there is no traditional hole shaped in a lid, which means there’s no chance your pet could become stuck.

If you do not wish to provide a humid nest box all year round, the base can simply be removed, leaving a hide area throughout the year your
snake will be accustomed with.

Barcode: 5060309451106

Egg Laying Hide Video

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