LED Power Supply

If you would like to extend your WhitePython LED lighting kit or customise your mulit-terrarium lighting centre, you may wish to purchase an extra LED Power Supply unit.

We offer two sizes of led power supply; 18W, and the 60W version being able to safely power up to 16 single WhitePython LED light strips.

Please note, you will need a Power Cable in-between these power supplies and the LED light strip. If you wish to power several terrariums using a single power supply, you could even combine our 4-way extension cable which would allow you to branch off a single power supply to various terrariums.



  • 18W – Able to power up to 5 LED strips (MPN: LWL510 / Barcode: 5060309450345)
  • 60W – Able to power up to 16 LED strips (MPN: LWL512 / Barcode: 5060309450369)
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