LED Accessories

LED lighting accessories for WhitePython LED lights

LED 4 Way Extension

LED 4 Way Extension If you’re looking to connect multiple terrariums lighting together, the LED 4 Way Extension is the ideal cable for you. This simple cable fits in between the LED Power Supply and the Power Cable. (MPN: LWL531 / Barcode: 5060309450413)

LED Metal Clips

LED Metal Clips If you’re looking for something a little stronger and more permanent than the Magnetic Adhesive strips, the LED Metal clips offer the ideal alternative. Within each pack there are 4 metal clips and 4 self-tapping screws, ideal for screwing into a standard melamine terrarium. It is recommended to use one clip per

LED Power Cable

LED Power Cable If you purchase individual WhitePython™ LED light strips, you will need to purchase an LED Power Cable which fits in between your Power Supply and Light Strip. Available in 2 lengths, the 30cm Power Cable comes as standard in all LED light kits. However, the 1m Power cable is ideal for those

Male to Female LED Extension Cable

Male to Female LED Extension Cable The Male to Female LED Extension Cable is a very simple extension that fits in between any of the WhitePython™ LED light strips. Available in 2 lengths, 20cm and 40cm, these small extension cables are ideal if you’re looking to extend your lighting kit across multiple terrariums, or perhaps

LED Dimmer

LED Dimmer For use with all WhitePython™ LED Lights, the LED Dimmer can dim any LED light to the desired lighting level. The LED Dimmer simply sits in between the LED Power Supply and the LED Power Cable, which then connects to your chosen light unit. This small, manual dimmer is simple and efficient in

LED Power Supply

LED Power Supply If you would like to extend your WhitePython LED lighting kit or customise your mulit-terrarium lighting centre, you may wish to purchase an extra LED Power Supply unit. We offer two sizes of led power supply; 18W, and the 60W version being able to safely power up to 16 single WhitePython LED

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