Reptile heating products

Digital Thermometer – Hygrometer

Digital Thermometer – Hygrometer Modern Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity in your terrarium. Features attaching clip and suction cup and comes complete with batteries. Instructions for use: (MPN: CWE010 / Barcode: 5060309450536)

Digital Max-Min Thermometer

Digital Max-Min Thermometer Modern Digital Thermometer with maximum and minimum temperature reading capability through external sensor. Instructions for use: (MPN: CWE005 / Barcode: 5060309450543)

Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflector

Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflector The WhitePython™ Ceramic Heat Guard & Reflector is an entirely unique product which exclusively fits the WhitePython Ultra Slim Heat Lamps. Compared to regular ceramic heat guards which often measure over 25cm tall, the new combination of WhitePython products will reduce the overall height of your ceramic heating unit to

Ceramic Lamp Holder

Ceramic Lamp Holder Designed for use with the WhitePython™ Ultra Slim Heat Lamps, the Ceramic Lamp Holder is capable of working with all E27 Screw fitting bulbs up to 300Watts. The WhitePython Ceramic Lamp Holders feature high temperature rated Silicone cable for extra safety and durability. All holders also feature an on/off switch for easy

Ultra Slim Heat Lamps

Ultra Slim Heat Lamps The WhitePython™ Ultra Slim Heat Lamps bring a simple yet professional approach to reptile keeping. Each lamp offers the same level of heat as competing ceramic bulbs but are less than half the height. This shortened heat lamp offers more space for your reptile to climb and bask under the heat

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